Which outbound strategy is right for your agency?

Winning new business opportunities can be challenging.

I’ll help you simplify that journey, so you avoid the expensive mistakes other agencies make.

I’ll help you decide on the right sales and outbound strategy, and then turn it into into new client wins.

Decide whether you a) want me to “do it for you”, b) coach you in building an internal team or c) do both in a hybrid strategy.

1) I want you to prospect for me

Don’t want to or can’t hire your own people? Use the Deal Master Framework to identify the right prospects, create the right messaging and reach out to them to book appointments.

I will then take them through the sales process to convert them into new clients.

Build your own internal outbound team to deliver qualified leads

2) I want you to help me build an internal outbound team


Long-term, your best solution is to build your own outbound sales team. 

Avoid the mistakes of other agencies when building a sales team and get it right first time with hands on help from me.

  • Define pipeline objectives (short, medium and long term)
  • Identify requirements, skill sets and behaviours of ideal prospecting team
  • Source candidates
  • Shortlisting and selection
  • Onboarding (resourcing and training)
  • Generate pipeline

Hybrid model - prospect and build my team at the same time

A hybrid approach gives the benefit of generating pipeline now while building a team to help you grow for over long term.

3) I want something between the two

If you want to grow faster, this may be the best approach for you. Building an outbound sales team that delivers predictable results takes time.

I will work with you to generate opportunities in the short term while putting the infrastructure in place to make sure that you are self sustaining for the medium to long term.

The revolution that has taken place in sales, is that now the buyer expects value to be delivered before the sale. That means the sales process itself must be inherently valuable.